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Septic Experts, LLC has worked hard to achieve many certifications throughout our years in business and has the credentials many residential and commercial clients look for and trust especially for the installation of alternative septic systems.


  •  NEHA Certified Class-A. Advanced Installer for Onsite Wastewater Treatment Systems - National Environmental Health Association
  •  Puraflo (ANUA) Peat Biofilter treatment system - Certified Installer and Maintenance Provider
  •  Ecoflo Peat and Coco Fiber Certified Installer and Maintenance Provider
  • Norweco Singulair Wastewater Treatment Systems Installer
  •  Eco-Pure Peat Moss Certified Installer
  •  INFILTRATOR Septic Tank and Chambers - Certified Installer
  •  PSMA/NOF Certified Septic System Inspector-The Pennsylvania Septage Management Association
  •  Member of PASEO (PA Sewage Enforcement Officers)
  •  Member of NJ LICA (Land Improvement Contractor Association)
  •  NJ Home Improvement Contractor Number 13VH06212900
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Company Practices, Policies, & Recommendations

Environmental Responsibility

Septic Experts, LLC is committed to exceeding customer expectations through evolving service levels and employee education and training. We offer advanced solutions to problems created by existing ineffective waste water treatment systems. We support new and proven waste water treatment technologies and will remain on the leading edge of adapting and implementing such technologies. We make every effort to create, build, and maintain relationships with an ever increasing number of environmentally conscious customers in a community effort to protect public health, water resources, and our environment for future generations.

Borrowed Water

When we dig or drill a well for our homes, we expect to receive clean and pure water from the ground. It is important to understand, however, that this water will not be used once, only to be discarded. We are actually borrowing this water and using it again and again. It often takes just seconds for the water to pass from our taps into our drains, transforming from pure, clean water into waste water. To make sure the water we borrow from the ground is clean, we should do our best to ensure the water is treated before it is returned to the environment so that it may be "borrowed" again by future generations.


Septic Experts, LLC agrees with the NJ DEP that all septic tanks should be pumped every 2-3 years to avoid environmental problems. We recommend septic tanks be inspected at the time of pumping to ensure proper function. A simple "walk-over" of your septic system will tell us if the system is functioning properly, or if a more comprehensive inspection should be completed.

Septic System Protection Plans

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Most homeowner's insurance companies do not cover all components of a septic system. That is where the Pro-Sept Septic System Protection Plan comes in. It is the first and only insurance-backed residential septic system program that helps to eliminate concerns about the possibility of tens of thousands of dollars in repair or replacement costs in the event of a system malfunction.

The Pro-Sept Septic System Protection Plan covers repairs or replacement up to $25,000.

  •  Repairs are subject to a $500 deductible
  •  There is also a $2,500 sublimit for replacing the peat module that is used in some septic systems.
  •  Protection for brand new systems, with accompanying installation paperwork, is valid for 3 years and covers years 2-3, following the 1-year anniversary of the completed installation. (Builder/installer is responsible for the first year.)
  •  Protection for existing systems is on an annual term. The system must be pumped and a visual inspection performed at your expense every 1-3 years, as required.
  •  The plan is transferable to a new homeowner.
  •  Septic system must be less than 40 years old to be eligible for the program.
  •  Available in the states of: AL, CT, DE, GA, IL, IN, MA, MD, ME, NH, NJ, NM, NY, OH, PA, RI, VA, VT. Available soon in additional states! Contact us for more details.

Septic System Financing

Septic Experts, LLC can put you in touch with one of the only banks that will offer septic system financing - for repairs or new installs.


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