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Septic Installation & Repair Services in Augusta, NJ

Septic Experts, LLC in Augusta provides several services for commercial and residential properties.

Septic Pumping

Industry standards recommend septic tanks be pumped every 2-3 years to avoid the build-up of sludge and solid waste. Going longer in between pump out services can shorten the lifespan of your system. If the drain field becomes clogged, you may have to replace the entire system, which is a costly, time consuming, and inconvenient task. Septic Experts, LLC can help you prevent this expensive renovation by pumping out your septic tank to remove liquids and solids that have built up in the tank, with quick turnaround times.

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Barge Services

With our barge service, lakefront and island homeowners, along with lake associations, can maintain, update, or install their septic systems because they are now able to access their property via the waterway. Our barges can fit many sizes and types of lake communities to access waterfront jobs, and can be easily moved as needed. We have installed over 40 septic systems for lakefront and island properties all around Northern, NJ and beyond, since 2000.

Septic Repair & Installation

We also provide septic system repairs or replacement of many types of septic systems, conventional or alternative. Many factors go into deciding what type of septic system is best suited for the property-the best type is dependent on soil characteristics, property size, number of bedrooms in a home, and local regulations. The first step in replacing a septic system disposal field is to excavate up to 10' deep as part of the soil log. A sample of soil is then taken and sent to a soil lab for analysis. Once the sample is analyzed, a design engineer will then incorporate it into the septic system design. The design is then forwarded to the local health department for review and approval.

Septic Experts, LLC works with many different types of alternative systems including, but not limited to, Eco-Flo, Puraflo (ANUA), Ecopod, HOOT, Aquarobic International Mini Treatment Plants, Infiltrator, Eljen in Drain, just to name a few. Our staff has the training, experience, and knowledge of these and many other system types to ensure proper repair and quality installation. Our staff participates in continuing education courses every year with system manufacturers, as well as PSMA, PASEO, LICA and NEHA.

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Septic Inspections

We also offer septic system inspections as part of real estate transactions or for homeowners who want to be pro-active when thinking about selling their home. We adhere to septic system inspection protocol set by the New Jersey Department of Environmental Protection and PSMA, and are enrolled in continuing education programs, keeping abreast of changes and requirements in the septic industry. A complete certified inspection provides information about current operating conditions on the components of the system. The current condition of the system, and any corrective measures recommended, will be listed in the inspection report.

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Excavation & Land Clearing

Septic Experts, LLC in Augusta also provides excavation services for commercial and residential properties. For new home or commercial building sites, we can provide the land clearing and removal of logs and tree stumps in preparation for excavation of the foundation. Septic Experts, LLC can install footing drains for foundations, excavations for utilities such as well lines, propane tank and lines, and electrical lines, etc.

Septic Experts, LLC can help you with drainage problems on your property as well. We can find relatively simple ways to alter the landscape of your yard so that water will naturally flow away by grading and installation of a swale. If necessary, we can install French drains or curtain drains.

Land Clearing

For newly acquired land, we can provide land clearing services. This includes the removal of trees, bushes, stumps, etc. If a property is being repurposed, we can also clear the area of building debris to make room for new development. Septic Experts, LLC takes specific requirements and needs into account, treating each land clearing project as a unique one.


Septic Experts, LLC in August, NJ now offers rent-a-johns - weekly, weekend and monthly rentals. Call our office for pricing.

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